Shelter Programme

We Offer
1. Short-term shelter and care for 21 women plus their children at any time. This includes 3 meals per day, toiletries, bedding, etc.
2. Creche/Children’s Programme provides educare, counselling and therapy to the traumatized children in the shelter.
3. Counseling and Group work – Most of the women have been traumatized through rejection, abuse, rape, etc. We try to treat the person in a holistic way – emotional healing and confidence building is essential.
4. Opportunities for training in a field of their choice e.g. machinists, cashiers, home based care, waitressing, etc.
5. Ongoing life skills training program. Example of topics; budgeting, cooking skills, home craft, child care sexuality, personal development etc.
6. Spiritual input and Guidance.
7. The women are also empowered and grow through their intimate involvement in the actual running of the homes. They have their own committee, organize duty rosters and are consulted regarding day to day issues. This empowerment encourages mutual accountability and responsibility between all staff and the residents.

Our Programmes

St. Anne’s Shelter for 21 women with young children who would land up on the street if there was no place for them to go.

Second Stage House for 4-6 employed women coming through the first phase. These single parent families require a little extra support before complete independence.

Crèche/Children’s Programme provides educare, counselling and therapy to the traumatized children in the shelter.

Third Stage House – A rental agreement has been in place with Communi care since 2007. Ruyterwacht House provides further rental accommodation to respond to the lack of available, affordable housing.

In June 2005, we started a skills training programme where the women are offered various workshops to grow confidence and become more self-sustainable.

Creche/Children’s programme

Identification of the problem
The women and their children who live at St. Anne’s Homes have mostly come from a life lived on the streets and/or come from an extremely deprived, poor and neglected background often associated with all forms of domestic violence. As a result of their lifestyles, many of them have endured trauma, both physical and emotional and are now need to rehabilitate themselves back into general society. The mothers have often not acquired all the necessary social and educational skills needed to raise their children and there is therefore the need to support these women in this area.

Their children are victims of various kinds of abuse and traumas. It ranges from emotional, physical abuse to sexual and psychological abuse. When they come to the shelter and our crèche, the children struggle with the development of their own social and emotional skills. Learning and behavioral problems such as difficulties to concentrate and participate in group work, stubbornness, aggression as well as inappropriate sexual behavior are the most commonly addressed problems.

Our goal is to educate and empower children affected by a long history of abuse, poverty and homelessness through a comprehensive education and therapeutic programme.

The crèche facility provides the children with a safe space that will enhance their physical, educational and emotional development.

The aim of the programme is to lay a foundation for a brighter future for each child.

To fulfill our objective, we had to revise our existing programme to now more effectively address the needs of the children. The development and introduction of this process started in 2001. Our crèche is no longer only a place for care giving, but a place of learning and growing with a stronger component of record keeping to measure accountability and impact.

• Full day care service for residents and for the community
• Regular parent meetings
• Clear policies and procedures
• Assessment of children
• Group work for mothers with their children
• Supervision and support

• NCF (National Curriculum Framework)
• Age appropriate activities
• Individual Counselling and Case work
• Art, Music and Play therapy
• Mother and child massage therapy classes
• Marché Bailey Swimming Programme

Skills training centre

The Skills training centre
In June 2005, we started a skills training programme where the women are offered various workshops e.g. Job readiness, personal growth development, healing and restoration, parenting, beading and jewellery making, sewing, arts and crafts, computer literacy, business skills, Employment placement program, HIV/Aids awareness classes, Human rights classes, Health and hygiene classes.

Second Stage Housing Program

In South Africa there is a housing shortage which creates a problem when residents leave our shelter as they can not afford the market related rentals and so fall back into being dependant on others.
As a result, St Annes has two homes that offers transitional housing (6-12 months) to help empower and sustain our residents.

Peace Haven (Woodstock) and Ruyterwacht House both offer affordable, supportive communal accommodation for employed women who need a continued supportive environment and have few or no other options in terms of accommodation.