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Why support us
  • We're a well established and well known organization.
  • We have grown considerably in the last few years, both in numbers of staff and in how many women we can serve.
  • We address the needs and uphold the rights of disadvantaged and dispossessed women and their children.
  • Good financial management and control.
  • Open door policy - we provide regular progress reports and welcome visitors and sponsors to come and see what we do.
  • We're a "Think Big" organization and intend making a significant impact to address the imbalance and appropriately serve the needs of one of the most marginalized groups in our society namely - poor and disadvantaged women and their children.
Should you wish to become a member or should you simply want to offer financial support, please download the forms above (Microsoft Word Format), print them, fill in your details and fax them to us at 021 448 8518.
Wish list
  • Nappies (kimbies/toweling nappies)
  • Water proofs
  • Snappies/nappy pins
  • Bottles/dummies
  • Wet wipes
  • Baby bibs
  • Baby soap/lotion/oil
  • Face clothes - adults & babies
  • Towels
  • Roll on, adult lotions, creams, pads (toiletries)
  • Baby formula milk (lactogen 1&2, Nan 1&2)
  • Household detergents (jik, handy andy, dish washer)
  • Toilet paper
  • Peanut butter/jam/margarine/fish paste/marmite
  • Mince/chicken/meat
  • Canned food and any other food
  • Bread/milk
  • Brooms/mops/dish cloths
  • Puma balm/cough syrup/Vaseline/bum cream/Rennies
  • Stationery
    A4 Copy paper/envelopes/pens/files/drawing pins/staples/face paint/crayons/pritt/prestik/plastic sleeves
  • Food & Groceries
    R12 500 per month
  • Stove, television, DVD player, computer, printer, photocopier, fax machine, lockable wooden filing cabinet
  • Outside Play structure – R15 000
  • Irons, kettles, microwave, toasters, heaters
  • Upgrading & Security
    • Upgrading security at the shelters - R20 000 i.e. increase lighting around shelters, remote for main gate