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The Skills training centre
In June 2005, we started a skills training programme where the women are offered various workshops e.g. Beading and jewellery making, sewing, arts and crafts, computer literacy, business skills; and soon to start cooking and catering skills. Ex-residents are also enrolled into this programme, with the intention that they could at a later stage offer training to women currently in the shelter (i.e. job creation opportunity for them). 
What needs prompted us to start the project?
Especially since we have started the Stroller Moms Shelter in 1997, we have noticed that most of these women have mainly domestic work experience i.e. char jobs to be precise. This income is not nearly enough when we are discussing their future goals of finding accommodation and providing for their families. We have since encouraged women to enter the Hospitality field and have sent most women on Hotel Housekeeping courses. While this poses to be a good option for some women, we still found that those who are waiting to go for rehabilitation, the pregnant women and those who are illiterate and have never had any work experience; really struggle to get back into the job market.
The Skills Training Centre offers the following opportunities to the residents and some ex-residents
  • Job readiness program
  • Basic computer literacy skills
  • Sewing Classes, Beading, Jewellery making
  • Arts and Crafts Skills
  • Catering and Cooking
  • Art therapy classes
  • Parenting skills classes
  • Self-esteem/confidence building classes
  • Employment placement program
  • HIV/Aids awareness classes
  • Human rights classes
  • Health and hygiene classes