...3rd stage housing

3rd stage housing

Communicare and St Anne’s Homes have been in partnership for the past five years, as part of Communicare’s social investment programme with Non-Profit Organisations that require affordable rental accommodation for the most marginalised groups with special needs. These include organisations that work with people with intellectual disabilities, vulnerable children, older persons, abused women and early childhood development centres. In 2004 Communicare’s Board approved a policy for leasing properties to such organisations.

By entering into partnership with other NPO’s in this manner Communicare is catering for a sector of the market in which it does not necessarily specialise but to which it is able to contribute in a significant manner.

In 2007 Communicare leased a house to St Anne’s in Ruyterwacht to provide shelter for abused women. This partnership has been working very well and expanded further when Wasima Fisher, Community Development and Special Needs Manager joined the Board of St Annes’ Homes.